Information for attendees

The Overcoming Addiction Summit - Saturday 11th March 2023

Saturday 11th March 2023

Here is some useful information ahead of the day

How to access the event

The event is being held via Zoom webinar. You will receive an email the day before the event containing your unique Zoom link to join the session. We recommend you join in plenty of time on the day – the event will start at 10:45am (GMT).

Please see ‘Zoom help‘ below if you require further information about using Zoom.

How to submit questions

Although delegates are muted, you will be able to ask questions via the Q&A panel.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes, all delegates will have access to a recording of the conference talks for at least a month after it has finished. If you are unable to attend on the day, you will still get access to the recording.

Will I be visible?

No. Only speakers and the hosts will be viewable on the online conference.

Don’t worry, we are here to help!

There will be a technician available to help anyone who is having technical difficulties on the day; we will send you details of how to contact them nearer the time.

When will I get my CPD certificate?

You will be emailed a certificate issued by the Human Givens Institute after the event has finished and we have verified that you attended.

Zoom help

If you’re new to Zoom, don’t worry, it’s very easy to use – here are some instructions you may find useful.

To get the best out of the day’s presentations, we recommend you sit somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and, if you can, use headphones to block out any background noise.

You will also need to ensure that your internet connection is of a good strength during the event, i.e. not too many other users on your broadband at the same time.

You will receive an emailed invitation the day before the event with the Zoom link to join the live session which will start at 10.45am (GMT) on Saturday 11th March 2023

Keep the email safe – it’s what you need to access the live training.

Prepare in advance

  • Your browser may ask you to download and install Zoom if you don’t already have it, so it’s a good idea to do this in plenty of time before the event starts.
  • Some browsers will allow you to access the Zoom session without downloading Zoom – to do this simply click the Zoom meeting link then press cancel on the popup window and an alternative link should appear near the bottom of the browse window allowing you to ‘join from your browser’ (see diagram below).

  • When the session starts you will hear and see the host and they will guide you through how the day will work and how you can interact with the speakers
  • At the bottom of the zoom window in the black panel you will see the ‘Q&A’ button and the ‘chat’ button, click on these to open these panels
  • During the event all attendees’ microphones are muted and videos will be off.
  • After each talk there will be a live Q&A section where the host will present your questions to the speaker. You can summit your questions via the ‘Q&A’ panel. Will will endeavour to get as many questions answered as we can during this time slot.
  • All this information will be gone through again on the day and technical support will be on hand if you have any issues.

Optional instructions for downloading and installing Zoom

If you wish to use zoom regularly, you may want to download it as a program on your device.

  1. On, click on ‘Resources’ in the main menu, then ‘Download Center’ (under Download Zoom Client). Here is the link:
    Download the ‘Zoom Desktop Client’ (or the appropriate app for your device).
  2. Navigate to the downloads folder on your machine.
  3. Look for the appropriate download for your device and open it.
  4. Follow through the installation window until zoom is installed.
  5. Log in and you’re ready for your zoom meetings!

If you have any questions, please email or call +44 (0)1323 811690.

We look forward to you joining us on Saturday 11th March 2023. We hope you enjoy the conference and get lots out of all the presentations!